Greek for you offers professional and affordable translation services from English to Greek (and vice versa), in fields such as:

  • arts and culture
  • literature
  • fashion/jewelry /watches
  • marketing
  • medicine

We provide a wide range of quick, accurate and reliable translation services for a full range of documents (e.g. degrees and transcripts, driver licences, passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates and many more), and at a competitive price.  All translation and proofreading is undertaken by native speaking, in-country linguists who have relevant technical industry experience to suit your audience.

There are three options for translation for you to choose from.

  • General translations are general-purpose texts such as letters, general advertising and marketing materials, resumes, cover letters etc.
  • Specialist translations are texts in different fields of expertise to include legal, medical, technical, and business documents.
  • Sworn translations are translations of documents, certificates or legal acts which need authentication by the sworn translator.

For all types of translations we offer a normal, urgent or express service.  Sworn translations are delivered on paper.

All information and documents delivered to us are kept strictly confidential and not disclosed to any third party.

Do you need a document translation? We are available to discuss your requirements.  We will then be able to recommend the best option for your project. Contact us here to receive a free quote.

It is vital that you check with the people or organisation who has asked you to produce a certified translation which type of translation they will accept, and if they have any specific requirements outlined.  If the documents are going to be used in Greece, legalization and stamping by the Greek Consulate is required.

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