Need a Greek pair of eyes?

Editing and proofreading are often the hidden services of the translation industry as they are generally included as standard as part of the overall translation costs.  It is common practice for clients to request that a second translator review their translated document. This can be to double check for terminological accuracy or even to rework a text for a different context or audience.

Editing in Greek

Editing is a more in-depth service than proofreading.  We will correct Greek formatting and spelling errors but also tighten up sentences and re-arrange the text so that it becomes more coherent and flows more easily.

We provide the following editing services:

  • cutting or lengthening a text as required
  • re-writing a text in more or less technical language
  • giving a text more impact or ‘punch’
  • If the document is a translation, we will only review the translated document (not the original).

However, it isn’t just translations that require proofreading.  If you have a brochure, document or website that needs to be thoroughly proofread before it is published and shared with your audiences in your native language we can check that all sentence structure, spelling and grammar is accurate.

We can check for any potentially embarrassing errors in the text. You can contact us here.

Proofreading in Greek

Proofreading is a straightforward service that involves removing and correcting a range of common errors to ensure that a document fully conforms to Greek textual conventions.

We will remove and correct:

  • typos
  • spelling errors
  • capitalisation errors
  • punctuation errors
  • non-conventional use of upper and lower case characters
  • errors in presenting figures

This type of proofreading is essential to conveying a message effectively in Greek, particularly where, as in the case of punctuation, the norms and resulting meaning can vary significantly across languages.

If the document is a translation we will only review the translated document (not the original).  You can contact us here.

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