‘Our Greek classes are every Thursday evenings from 19:00pm until 20:30pm.  The classes are very friendly and relaxed.  We are a small group and all get along well together.  We have a wonderful teacher who is very professional yet very friendly.  Maria is always well organised and makes our lessons very interactive and informal.  If there is anything that we don’t understand, she is always very happy to explain the query with patience and smile!

We can ask any questions at any time and these are always answered thoroughly.  We receive regular handouts and the exercises are demonstrated on the board, which are discussed and explained as we learn.  Maria encourages us to ‘speak’, ‘rehearse’ what we have learnt in pairs or groups.  Homework is given in moderation which has been manageable and fun to do.  She doesn’t mind going over things again and again until we get it!  To help us understand Greek better we listen to dialogues and answer questions.

Our lessons are always well planned and taught in a lovely way.  I enjoy coming to our Greek lessons and having a nice teacher makes all the difference!’ Ruksana Forester, Bristol, U.K.